We got our hands on a Samsung Gear 360 camera at work a few months back, and I've just been waiting for the right project to put it to good use on. One thing we always like doing in the Marketing department at 3Pillar is helping out our good friends in HR/Recruiting. After all, they're the ones who dictate who we're going to be surrounded by for most of our waking and working hours. We might as well try to help them bring in the good ones. 

We were pretty pleased with the way it turned out. Sure, Klenn could have actually memorized his lines...but he did a pretty darn good job ad-libbing his way through. A company called OnGig came across the video and thought enough of it that it made their list of 10 different types of recruiting videos - they called it one of the most engaging videos they've seen. Without further ado, check out this video where you can, quite literally, "See Yourself Working at 3Pillar." Please forgive the video starting on the elevator doors...we're still getting used to the camera!